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Together We Can Work to Build a Stronger, More Prosperous Future in America

Vote Janis Clark for the 6th Congressional District

I am running for the United States House of Representatives, Congressional District 6, because I believe "it's time". It's time to have courage. Time to use creativity, "to mix things that have never come together before". Time to have a "community-centered approach" to solutions that are driven by common sense. Time to "bring youth voices to the center of the table", to inform policy. It's time for me to be YOUR voice in Washington DC.

As your America First Future Congresswoman and the first Black Cherokee Republican Woman in Congress, I will fight for the principles we hold dear and work tirelessly to build a brighter future for our country and all citizens in America. Together, we can work to build a stronger, more prosperous future in America.  


Campaign Highlights

  • Freedom and Limited Government

  • Economic Growth and Job Creation

  • Fiscal Responsibility

  • National Security 

  • Family Values and Community

  • Healthcare Reform

  • Education and Opportunity

  • Conservative Values


The Issues


Our Beautiful America is at a critical and pivotal point in history as a country. Never before has it been so important to choose the right leaders to represent our conservative voices than right now and in this moment. As your future conservative Congresswoman, I am committed to upholding the values and principles that define and make America great. 


Freedom & Limited Government

I believe in the power of freedom and limited government. Our founding fathers envisioned a nation where individuals are free to pursue their dreams without interference from the government. I will fight to reduce the size of government, eliminate unnecessary regulations, and ensure that power remains in the hands of people.


Fiscal Responsibility 

Our nation's debt is a significant threat to our future and it is past time to get our fiscal house in order. I will work tirelessly to balance the budget, cut wasteful spending, and ensure that taxpayer dollars are used wisely. We must be responsible stewards of our finances to secure a stable and prosperous future for our children and  grandchildren. 


Family Values and Community 

Family is the cornerstone of our society. I believe in promoting policies that strengthen family values, support parents, and protect the sanctity of life. Our communities thrive when families are strong and I will work to ensure that every family has the support and resources they need to succeed. I will support policies that support the rights of parents to protect and care for their children and vote to eliminate agencies that are no longer relevant to the support of healthy and safe communities. 


Education and Opportunity

Every American child deserves access to a quality education. I support school choice, empowering parents to decide the best educational path for their children. We must also invest in vocational training and higher education to prepare our next-generation workforce for the jobs of tomorrow. Education is the key to opportunity, and I will work to ensure that our policies and taxes provide every American citizen a chance to succeed.


Economic Growth and Job Creation

I believe that the backbone of a prosperous nation is a strong economy, which encourages economic growth and creates jobs. I am committed to passing policies that encourage and  support tax cuts for individuals and businesses, reducing burdensome regulations, and promoting free-market principles. These efforts will empower small businesses, empower entrepreneurs, and create an environment of innovation and hard work.  This will all lead to more opportunities and higher wages for all Americans.  


National Security

A strong national defense is essential to our safety and sovereignty. I am committed to ensuring that our military remains the best in the world, fully equipped to meet any challenge. We must support our troops, stand firm against our adversaries, and protect our borders. National security is non-negotiable and I will work to keep America safe and secure


Healthcare  Reform

We need a healthcare system for American citizens that is affordable, accessible, and patient-centered. I will advocate and vote for market-based solutions that increase competition, lower costs, and give patients more control over their healthcare decisions. We must protect citizens with pre-existing conditions while promoting innovation and efficiency in our healthcare system.


Conservative Values

I stand firm on my conservative values. I believe in the Constitution, the rule of law, and the principles of liberty and justice for all. I will defend our Second Amendment rights, protect religious freedom, and uphold the values that have made our country great. 

Current Issues

Janis Clark for Congress


About Janis
bigstock-American-flag-26598290 (1).jpg

Wife. Mom. Veteran. Small Business Supporter & Advocate. 

Service- Connected Disabled Veteran Business Owner

Candidate U.S. House of Representatives for Washinton State's

6th Congressional District 

Janis Meneatrice Clark was born in South Carolina and became a resident of the great state of Washington in 1980 by way of the military. Janis has a long-standing dedicated and committed history of serving people. 


Janis is married to Bishop AJ Watkins, D. Min, Senior Pastor & Founder of Simonton Genesis Ministries, Inc. She is the mother of two daughters, Monica Dianne Gall-Henley (deceased)  & Rebecca Hope, with bonus children daughters Jenika, Talisa & Tamara. In addition, Janis is a grandmother to 14 grandchildren.

Janis has a doctorate in Divinity, a Doctorate in Ministry, a Doctorate Student with Walden University, a Master of Science Degree in Human Resources Management and Development, a Bachelor of Arts in Business Management, and an Associate in Arts & Science


Janis was a Gubernatorial Appointed to the WA State Sentencing Guidelines Commission by Governor Gary Locke and confirmed by the WA State Senate. Janis was elected to the Pierce County Charter Review Commission in 2005 and then again in 2015. Janis is currently an elected Precinct Committee Officer (PCO) in the 30th Legislative District.

Janis is the founder and visionary of Safe Homes, a 501c3, community-based, non-profit organization incorporated in Washington state in 1995. Safe Homes International has three divisions: 

  • CAPS Youth  K-12 Division: Focused on helping youth become more productive, caring, and socially responsible members of society. 

  • LOMF Women Veterans Division: Concentrating on fulfilling the needs and addressing the unique challenges of women veterans

  • MWIN Military Wellness Initiative Network Division: Provides digital navigation services, life skills, education, mentorship, apprenticeship, leadership, and job readiness to BIPOC Veterans and their households





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Are you passionate about making a difference in Congress Join Janis Clark's team of volunteers and help change the future of our country. Sign up now to be a part of this movement and make yourself heard. Together, we can create a better country for all Americans.

Thank You for Reaching Out!


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